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Boll Filter Corporation is the US subsidiary of Boll & Kirch Filterbau GmbH in Kerpen. We are the world leader in automatic and manual filtration equipment of the marine, power, water, oil & gas and manufacturing industries. Our UD headquarter including warehouse is located in Novi, MI. We support our customers with all types of filtration equipment to protect your valuable equipment and investment. Besides new filter equipment we provide original manufactured spare parts and factory trained service engineers from our location in Michigan to support your products in the field.

Products and services

  • BOLLFILTER Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter Type 6.46/6.48 for Lube Oil
  • BOLLFILTER Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter Type 6.64 for Lube Oil & Fuel Oil
  • BOLLFILTERAutomatic Self-Cleaning Filter Type aquaBoll® for Seawater
BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.46/6.48

Automatic full flow oil filtration - BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.46/6.48 - reduce harmful containments
• filter finess from 25 - 100 microns
• double back-flushing arms for more efficiency
• tailormade housing for perfect fitting

BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.64 Automatic Self-CleaningFilter

The high performance filter automatic Type 6.64 is used primarily for the filtration of large quantities of liquid fuel and lube oil. The back flush function and the filter flush function proceed from each other and without interrupting the process. The regeneration will be supported by a compressed air system. The system pressure remains constant.

aquaBoll® Automatic Self-Cleaning Water Filter

The aquaBoll® automatic filter is especially capable of handling demanding situations. The standardized multiple platform concept ensures low acquisition cost and high flexibility. The compact design allows easy access to all relevant components. Service speeds are significantly improved due to easy access and increased availability of standardized components. The combination of innovative design, high-quality components and a long service life allows for a cross-sectorial approach.

Boll Filter Corporation
22635 Venture Drive
Novi, MI 48375

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Fax: +1 248 7738201
Internet: www.bollfilter.com
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Heike La Torre
Customer Service Representative
Phone: +1 248 7738200
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