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MEIKO produces reliable, high-quality and environmentally-friendly warewashing, desinfection and food waste treatment equipment for the cruise market.

About us

MEIKO is one of the world's leading manufacturers of commercial warewashing equipment and food waste disposal technology. Founded as a five-man workshop in Germany in 1927, MEIKO has long since grown into an organization with more than 2,000 employees worldwide. Today MEIKO leads the way in technology, engineering and manufacturing and the global expansion of its business has taken its manufacturing, sales and service operations all around the world. MEIKO produces reliable, high-quality and environmentally-friendly warewashing equipment ranging from undercounter units to the largest flight type rackless machines as well as food waste treatment systems. Already one of the most respected names in the warewashing business, MEIKO is committed to its exciting line of products designed specifically for the cruise market.

MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
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77652 Offenburg

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Dominique Raverdy
Senior Sales Manager Marine Division
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Products and Services

Water and limited space are of particular priority on board of cruise ships. With the MEIKO product range you can improve hygiene and workflows on board as well as sustainability and efficiency of your business. The warewashing machine M-iQ reduces up to 30 percent in fresh water and chemicals which saves significantly more money in the wash-up area than any comparable technology. It won several awards for its sustainability and low resource consumption.

MEIKO food waste management systems convert difficult-to-dispose-of food waste into easy-to-handle bio-material which can be recycled in every possible way. Our pump and vacuum systems are compatible for further processing the food waste in anaerobic digestion plants as well as with digesters or composter solutions. Infeed stations can be located where the organic waste is generated, the wide range of storage tanks provides maximum flexibility and guarantees a perfect fit on any cruise ship.

Waste Star vacuum food waste treatment system

The WasteStar FC is a food waste collection system with customized feeding solutions that allow for fast and hygienic disposal. Our system vacuums food waste and scraps from preparation and warewashing areas located bow to stern and transports them to a central facility for further processing. This eliminates the need for manual transportation and reduces labor, cross-contamination risks, clutter, spills and makes for a much more hygienic environment.

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M-iQ marine flight type dishwashing machines

The Marine M-iQ flight-type dishwashing machines are a superbly cost-effective and outstanding choice for cruise ship galleys. Our M-iQ's make quick work of tough ware washing tasks in any area while reducing the utilization of precious resources and chemicals. The M-iQ is a very scalable platform based on our customer's target volumes and can often make sense in smaller table service restaurants as much as it does in the largest volume buffets and pot washing scullery's.

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News & Innovations

Versatile, modular and compact, our food waste treatment systems are as unique as our customers!
Driven by the needs of our global customers, we develop future-proof systems for the sustainable management of food waste. Our mission is to help commercial kitchens and their suppliers move away from traditional waste bins and adopt a revolutionary new approach. By becoming a market leader in innovation and technology, we aim to make these processes clean and simple for everybody Further reading
Polish free and sparkling clean wash results with M-iClean U
The M-iClean U glass- and dishwashers offers the full range of innovative warewashing technology including GIO reverse osmosis, intuitive operation, efficient warewashing with minimal use of resources and reliable status checks including smart monitoring technology in a compact and elegant design. But that's not all. The M-iClean U is also unbeatably versatile and flexbile, offering the optimum warewashing experience for every situation. What about heat recovery? Yes, and now it is highly efficient. The MEIKO ComfortAir removes up to 80%* of vapor for convenient and super-fast warewashing. And the hygiene? Top notch, of course. The fresh water circulates in a completely separate system.

Just a few movements can turn your M-iClean U glass- and dishwasher into a machine specially designed for cleaning reusable bottles with our new bottle rack system.

A further contribution to establishing sustainable systems for reusable tableware in the industry – made by MEIKO Further reading
From fjord to fjord in the world's largest plug-in hybrid ship
Colour Line's ferry Colour Hybrid offers four sailings between Sandefjord, Norway, and Strömstad, Sweden every day, transporting up to 2,000 people and 500 vehicles per crossing.

Each time it docks, 11,000 volts of shore power rush through a massive plug into four battery banks, enabling the ferry to glide through the fjords for 20 minutes, completely silent and emission-free, before switching to the main engines on the open ocean.

Onboard passengers are encouraged to dine at the Koster Buffet, at Utsikten Bar & Lounge or at Spiseriet Café. Meiko’s waste management and dishwashing solutions ensure operational efficiency and pleasant experiences.

The kitchen of the Color Hybird was designed to prioritise both hygiene and sustainability. To help achieve this aim, Meiko supplied a large dishwasher that is able to run non-stop loads with full racks of dishes.

All wet food waste is directed into a large tank in the hull. The system from Meiko Green Waste Solutions is completely sealed, odourless and does not need to be cooled. Once a week, the biomass is removed from the ship and used to produce fuel. Further reading

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