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HAMANN AWP retrofit solutions for Alaska & Baltic Sea

The HAMANN HL-CONT PLUS OCEANCRUISE advanced wastewater purification systems are designed with retrofits in mind. Their modular design offers outstanding flexibility during installation and keeps space requirements as low as possible. Ship-side tanks can be converted into bioreactors and integrated into the system, making even better use of the available space. The two DAF modules (Dissolved Air Flotation) can be completely disassembled and transported to the installation site in individual parts.

BENEFITS OF HAMANN HL-CONT PLUS OCEANCRUISE ADVANCED WASTEWATER PURIFICATION (AWP) SYSTEMS SMALL FOOTPRINT: HL-CONT Plus OceanCruise advanced wastewater purification systems only require roughly one third of the space of comparable systems by other manufacturers, using space efficiently. Ship’s tanks can be upgraded or converted to MBBR (Moving Bed Bioreactor) modules, which further reduces space requirements.

MODULAR AND DISMOUNTABLE – PERFECT FOR RETROFITS: HL-CONT Plus OceanCruise advanced wastewater purification systems consist of four separate modules that can be installed separately from each other, even on different decks, offering outstanding flexibility. Both Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) units can be completely dismantled so that the largest components are small enough to fit through standard size hatches and doors. This also makes our HL-CONT Plus OceanCruise systems the perfect retrofit solution.

COVERS ALASKA & BALTIC SEA: HL-CONT Plus OceanCruise systems are compliant with the highest current standards for wastewater discharge, US 33 CFR 159 Subpart E (Alaska) and IMO MEPC.227(64) incl. Sect.4.2 (Baltic sea). These advanced wastewater purification systems are suitable for ships operating in the waters of Alaska or the Baltic Sea (MARPOL Special Area).

Exhibitor: HAMANN AG


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